Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Book Review: The Facebook Effect (D.Kirkpatrick)

I just finished listening to the corresponding audiobook. The book was really enjoyable and interesting. Key to the success of Facebook seems to be the very long term vision of his creator. The company was also very strategic in the way it developed. One example: Facebook decided to open at US campus already using another social network but when doing so, it also opened at all surrounding US campuses in order to create "pressure" from outside and to "gain" the campus for itself. The ambition of Facebook seems to become a kind of platform on the internet (just like windows is a platform). Another ambition of Facebook seems to provide to its member a kind of "identity card" that would become the standard identification method on the net. It also seems to ambitions establishing a currency. In a nutshell, it is a kind of worldwide government with extensive democratic control that Facebook aims for. His boss is depicted as being an idealist who does not put money as its priority at all. He is presented as being someone willing to bringing openness and transparency on the web.
Again, the book is very entertaining and I really enjoyed listening to it. It is motivating and it gives some ideas of what to expect in the future of internet.

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